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There are times when you can't tackle a plumbing problem yourself, and you'll search plumber near me to help find one.  Fortunately, Neighborhood Plumbing and Drain can take care of any of your plumbing and drain problems.  For fast service call 512-266-3566. 

Clogged Drains

A slow running drain is one of the most common plumbing and drain problems homeowners and businesses experience.  A clogged drain can be caused by several reasons.  Sure, nature can play a role thanks to weather changes and tree roots growing in and around pipes; however, chances are your clog is due to something in your house, such as:

  • Toilet clogs  -  Too much waste being forced down the system at once.

  • Shower drains - Long hair or soap scum buildup in the pipes and drain. 

  • Kitchen sinks - Grease down the drain buildups and cause a slow running drain and eventually a kitchen sink clog.


We always offer the best solutions to your plumbing issues.

Specific areas in Texas, such as Austin, can have unique problems when it comes to plumbing.  Thanks to its geographical location, the weather and land can play a part in your plumbing problems.  However, they are not the only reason for potential disasters.  Daily wear and tear also play a role in causing issues with your fixtures and plumbing system.

A few of the most common plumbing problems we see in the Austin area include:

  • Hot water heaters leaking
  • Water pressure regulator problems
  • Slow running drains
  • Running toilets and more

If you're noticing anything that seems a bit off with your plumbing, you'll need one of our plumbers in Austin to come out and determine what's going on.


Our Austin Plumbers Can Help


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It is our priority to deliver exceptional quality plumbing.

We know when a plumbing problem comes up, there shouldn't be a delay in getting it fixed.  That's why we offer same-day service, which means we get to the problem quickly so your comfort can be restored as soon as possible.

 Our plumbers in Austin can provide you with the right service and the top-notch workmanship you demand.  We offer installation, plumbing repairs, maintenance services, and inspections for both commercial and residential locations.

Seasoned Plumbers In Austin

Common Plumbing & Drain Problems 
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With over 25 years of experience, Neighborhood Plumbing and Drain is fully licensed and insured to tackle any of your plumbing needs.  We provide full-scale plumbing service in Austin, only use high-quality parts and materials, and we back all our work with a guarantee.  Other reasons we are the go-to plumbers in Austin: 

  • Never An Additional Charge Just To Come Out To Your Home or Business

  • We Offer Free Estimates*

  • Honest Up-Front Pricing - You Won't Be Hit With Additional Charges At The End

  • We Provide The Best Warranties

All our technicians are background-check verified for your protection and are committed to providing top-notch plumbing service.  We also offer same-day service!


There's a reason our customers refer us to their friends and families.  Our attention to detail and commitment to expert workmanship and quality materials keep our customers coming back for all their plumbing needs.  Some of our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Drain Cleaning Austin:  Kitchen drains, toilet drains, shower drains, sewer line repair and hydro-jetting and sewer camera service.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom:  Faucet repair, toilet installation, drain repair, disposals, limited hot water, low or excessive water pressure.

  • Water Heaters:  Water heater repairs - failure of valves, heating elements, a broken thermostat, faulty pressure relief valve, and Water heater installation including tankless water heaters.

  • Leak Detection Service:  Gas line repair, busted water line, and slab leak detection.


Our services span a wide variety of plumbing and drain issues and include not only diagnostics but repair and replacement as well.  So, if you are experiencing other issues with your plumbing and drain systems give Neighborhood Plumbing and Drain a call.

Water Heaters

Water heaters tend to cause some of the most common plumbing problems for homeowners.  From little to no hot water, a noisy tank, strange odors, and even leaking water heater tanks - homeowners can easily become overwhelmed with trying to figure out what's going on.

Instead of scratching your head, calling a professional plumbing service can get you fixed up with little to no hassle.  From hot water heater repair to tankless water heater replacement, we've got the skill and guidance to get your water heater into shape and working great.​

Broken Sewer Pipe Under Slab Foundation, Austin, Texas
Hot Water Heater at Lake Travis Fire and Rescue, Austin Texas

Shifting Drains and Pipes

Over time, a home's foundation can start shifting.  The month of May can bring heavy rain in Austin, and this rain can promote even more shifting of the home's foundation.  If you suspect a leak in your slab foundation, chances are pipes underground have been affected.

Our Austin plumbers can perform slab leak detection, leak location and leak repairs.  Early detection is critical because if you have a slab leak that remains untreated, it can become an expensive repair down the road.